Since its founding in 1948, WIMA has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of film capacitors. Continuous technical progress and a qualified growth strategy have made WIMA the world leader in the field of high quality capacitors. WIMA specializes in three business areas: Plastic film capacitors, Radio interference suppression capacitors (paper and plastic dielectric) and SuperCaps (double layer capacitors modules). WIMA’s strengths lie in the development and manufacture of catalogue and specialized products, which require experience and excellent know-how. As a result, solutions can be offered for all customer requirements. Focusing strongly on innovation, WIMA continues to set groundbreaking trends in capacitor technology. 

 WIMA is a family-owned company based in Germany and has four locations: sales and headquarter are in Mannheim, while the production facilities are in Aurich. WIMA has its engineering center in Berlin and Unna. 

In particular, renowned companies known for high quality standards from the automotive industry, consumer and industrial electronics, and lighting industry form large parts of our customer base. We supply them with the entire product range of this traditional German company and also develop individual solutions for you together with WIMA.






✓  DC Link Capacitors
✓  Electric Double-Layer Capacitors
✓  EMI Suppression Capacitors (X and Y)
✓  Film Capacitors
✓  Metallized-Paper Capacitors