Specialist for precision-made aluminum – electrolytic capacitors

In 1947 “Elektroindustriewerk Freiberg” began manufacturing paper-capacitors. In 1992, that company would become “FROLYT Kondensatoren und Bauelemente GmbH”. Through a management buy-out, essential parts of the company were purchased from the Treuhandanstalt and business operations were started with three business areas: aluminum electrolytic capacitors, special machine construction, assembly of power supplies for mobile and fixed networks.

In the over 70-year history of the company, FROLYT has established a firm place in the market for the development and production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, often prevailing over renowned international competitors. Electrolytic capacitors are developed and manufactured at FROLYT for reliable and safety-relevant automotive and medical technology applications. The German company’s strengths are to supply innovative application areas with new and further developments in a cooperative and cost-effective way, and to serve them as quickly as possible. The highest manufacturing quality, an excellent customer service and constant innovation of all products are substantial enterprise goals.  The cooperation between FROLYT and Beckmann could lead to several innovative special solutions, allowing us to fulfill seemingly unsolvable requirements for our customers.






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