Exxelia is a manufacturer of complex passive components and precision subsystems focused on highly demanding end markets, applications and functions. Exxelia’s product portfolio includes a wide range of capacitors, inductors, transformers, resistors, filters, position sensors, slip rings and high-precision mechanical parts serving many leading industries including aerospace, defense, medical, rail, energy and telecommunications.
With extensive engineering capabilities and a robust development process, Exxelia is known for its ability to quickly evaluate application-specific technical challenges and provide cost-effective and efficient solutions. For requirements that catalog products can not meet, we offer custom configurations: enhanced performance, custom geometries, robust packaging.
The Exxelia Group was created in 2009 from the merger of five long-established companies with complementary activities and know-how (Eurofarad, Firadec, Sic Safco, Microspire and Astema). Since then, Exxelia has continued to grow and strengthen its international presence through strategic acquisitions in the United States, Vietnam, Morocco and France.
Its products range from capacitors to magnetics and resistors.

EXXELIA (formerly Sic Safco)





✓  Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
✓  Ceramic Capacitors
✓  Current-Compensated Chokes
✓  DC Link Capacitors
✓  Film Capacitors
✓  Inductors / Chokes & Coils
✓  Resistors
✓  Tantalum Capacitors
✓  Transformers