Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

The aluminum electrolytic capacitor (electrolytic capacitor) is one of the most frequently used capacitor types in electronic circuits. Especially for filtering and smoothing of rectified AC voltages or for buffering and intermediate storage of electrical charges, they are often a key element in DC intermediate circuits, inverters, voltage supplies and at circuits inputs & outputs. They are also frequently used in combination with other components to build filter circuits or crossovers in the audio field.

Compared to other capacitor technologies, the aluminum electrolytic capacitor has a very good capacitance/volume ratio. It is therefore used when high capacitance is required in combination with small dimensions. Progressive miniaturization is also showing two main trends in this area: 

- Higher load capacity (ripple currents, temperature, etc.) with consistent designs

- Comparable performance in ever smaller designs

This means that space on the board and thus costs can be saved by selecting the right component. Today's increasingly frequent desire for component reduction places ever higher demands on the performance of such capacitors. With our broad portfolio of world market leaders but also specialized companies with decades of experience in the development, production and application of electrolytic capacitors, we can not only offer you the latest electrolytic capacitor technologies from a wide range of catalog types, but also create individual solutions tailored to the specific needs of your application. Last but not least, thanks to our many years of experience and expertise, we can also train and advise your employees on complex issues, such as service life estimation, and contribute to the reliability and performance of your products. 

Beckmann covers the entire product range in this area and offers all designs of aluminum electrolytic capacitors: SMD, screw electrolytic capacitors, axial and snap-in. Beckmann Elektronik knows exactly the strengths of the world's leading manufacturers and helps to select the optimum component for the customer: taking into account both technical suitability and economic efficiency, as well as short and long-term availability. For special requirements regarding vibration resistance, design or service life, Beckmann Elektronik can provide sound technical advice based on 40 years of market and manufacturer experience.

Ceramic Capacitors

Ceramic capacitors, both as MLCCs (multi-layer ceramic capacitors) and in wired form, offer high voltage strengths in very small designs and ever greater capacitances. Whether in e-mobility or in smartphones, ceramic capacitors in their countless designs have been used in more and more applications since their development and in rapidly growing quantities. The application drivers are the ever-increasing available capacitances and the ever-smaller designs. Together with our manufacturers, we also offer larger designs, which continue to play an important role, especially in the industrial sector with its requirements for higher voltages, capacitances, as well as e.g. clearance and creepage distances.

Current Compensated Chokes

Current-compensated chokes filter out interference signals from circuits. They are often used in supply networks or motors that are not free of interference. Interference voltages that occur, for example, when switching inductors in the windings of electric motors are effectively reduced with the aid of current-compensated chokes and are essential in order to comply with EMC directives and not to disturb the supply network.

Decades of experience have shown that not all influencing factors in EMC can be precisely calculated. In particular, experience is required to find suitable components for effective interference suppression. 

Beckmann Elektronik offers customer-specific designs that are adapted to the interference signals occurring in their applications. 

Data Line Chokes

Data line chokes ensure interference-free signal transmission in communication and bus systems. In the age of Industry 4.0, machines, servers and computers communicate with each other and will do so more and more frequently in the future. Where individual machines used to work independently in the production process, entire machine parks now function as one networked unit. Interference-free signal transmission with the help of data line chokes is therefore essential. Different designs, for example as SMD, are possible at Beckmann.

DC Link Capacitors

DC link capacitors are specially designed for the requirements in DC intermediate circuits and are mainly used in switched-mode power supplies, frequency converters and corresponding control applications. The application areas range from the control of electric motors and drives to renewable energies, respectively generators. DC link applications can be realized with both film and aluminum electrolytic capacitors, depending on the requirements for capacitance, voltage and lifetime. As a contract distributor for the market and technology leading manufacturers, Beckmann offers access to both designs.

Double Layer Capacitors

Double-layer capacitors offer very high volume capacitances and a very high power density. They are suitable for applications that require a large amount of electrical energy at short notice. Compared to batteries, they can provide significantly more energy in the short term and have a power density that is factors higher. They can also be charged faster than batteries. Beckmann Elektronik offers both single cells and complete modules. Double-layer capacitors can be used in a variety of applications: the recovery of braking energy (recuperation), and the intermediate storage or coverage of power peaks in the areas of renewable energies (solar energy), among others. In addition, double-layer capacitors are used to cover peak loads and stabilize power supplies (UPS). Beckmann Elektronik has one of the leading manufacturers of double layer capacitors under contract.

Ferrite Chip Beads

Chip ferrite beads, from the group of so-called ferrite beads, are used in numerous modern circuits as one of many different options for interference signal suppression. Which technology is used for interference suppression also strongly depends on the respective frequency of the interference. Chip ferrites can be especially advantageous for the suppression of higher frequencies in the MHz range. Due to their small SMD design, they take up little space on circuit boards compared to other technologies.

Chip ferrite beads have a wide range of applications, such as in communication technology or in control circuits, for example in motors. With chip ferrite beads, Beckmann Elektronik rounds off its portfolio for interference signal suppression, EMC filters.

Ferrites & Accessories

Ferrites are widely used as core material for inductive components such as transformers, sensors and inductors/chokes. 

In addition to the windings, the core shape used and the ferrite material have a decisive influence on their properties. Depending on the function the inductive components are to fulfill, e.g. toroidal cores, D-cores, E-cores and many more are common. Beckmann offers you access to a large portfolio of core shapes and ferrite materials. Last but not least, the necessary accessories such as coilformers and clamps, all from one source, customized ferrites complete the Beckmann portfolio. They are often needed due to application requirements that are not covered by catalog types (temperature requirements, inductance, currents, mechanical dimensions).

Film Capacitors

Film capacitors (FoKo's) offer a theoretically unlimited lifetime. Their advantage lies in their higher capacitance compared to ceramic capacitors and their higher dielectric strength and longer life compared to aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Film capacitors not only combine the advantages of ceramic capacitors and aluminum electrolytic capacitors, but also have a comparatively more stable temperature, voltage, or frequency behavior. Beckmann Elektronik covers all film capacitor technologies with different manufacturers. Less common SMD and special designs according to your requirements are also possible.


If excessive currents occur in a circuit or in a device due to faults, fuses are often an effective means of preventing damage to assemblies or averting danger to persons.

In addition to fuses that need to be replaced after they have tripped - Beckmann also gives you access to resettable (PTC) fuses. 

Inductors & Coils

Inductors, often called chokes or coils in practice, can be found in almost every electronic circuit. They are used, for example, for filtering signals or for magnetic charge storage. A very common application is the filtering of noise signals. In filter circuits, inductors are used in different combinations, e.g. with capacitors, depending on the frequency range to be filtered. 

When designing or solving problems with circuits, Beckmann Elektronik can help as a special distributor. In dialogue with the customer, we clarify the requirements and degrees of freedom in order to identify the optimal product needed. In addition to inductors and capacitors, chip ferrites can also be used in interference signal filtering. Chip ferrites show their properties in higher frequency ranges than in comparison to the combination of inductor and capacitor. Beckmann Elektronik checks with its manufacturers how customer-specific solutions can be implemented economically and technically.

The core material significantly influences the property of an inductor, especially the frequency, temperature and saturation behavior. Beckmann Elektronik offers the common ferrite materials, or chokes with metal powder cores. Customized designs are important in many applications. Through reliable relationships with leading manufacturers, Beckmann Elektronik can contribute many years of experience and engineering expertise, especially in inductors and transformers.


Loading coils

In charging coils, a coil induces a voltage in another directly adjacent coil through its magnetic field across the air, enabling contactless energy transfer. The charging coil thus functions like a transformer with an air core. From smartphones to electric cars, the principle of contactless charging is increasingly finding its way into everyday life. 

Together with the customer, Beckmann discusses the suitable product and also offers customer-specific solutions if required.

Metal Paper Capacitors

Metal-paper capacitors are a special type of film capacitors and are mainly used as interference suppression capacitors. Metal-paper capacitors are particularly robust and, like all film capacitors, have self-healing properties. The advantage of metal-paper capacitors is their robustness with regard to active and passive flammability, their comparatively good sealing against moisture and their excellent regeneration behavior. Worldwide, there are only a few manufacturers of this capacitor technology still available from Beckmann Elektronik.

NTC Thermistors

NTC thermistors are used in a variety of applications. They can be used to measure and monitor temperatures but also to protect against excessive currents in a circuit. A classic application for overcurrent protection is that of the inrush current limiter. 

NTC's are matched to the application. Regardless of the application, Beckmann can provide the appropriate NTC's for any requirement/application.

PFC Chokes

PFC chokes (PFC = Power Factor Correction) are commonly used to compensate for uneven current consumption from the utility grid as well as to limit grid harmonics of non-linear loads. Beckmann Elektronik offers experience with different core shapes, core materials and customized designs. 

In the field of PFC chokes, requirements are often placed on the component that are not met by standard catalog products. Beckmann realizes individual designs together with you and our manufacturers on request, which significantly and specifically influence the desired properties. 

Polymer Electrolytic Capacitors

Polymer capacitors belong to the group of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, but have ESR values many times lower than classic aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Instead of a liquid electrolyte, polymer capacitors use its namesake solid polymer compound. Compared to aluminum electrolytic capacitors, polymer capacitors have a considerably longer service life, a high current-carrying capacity and better low-temperature behavior. They are also used in many applications, for example, instead of tantalum electrolytic capacitors.

Power Capacitors

Power capacitors are real workhorses. They are used at very high energies (voltages and/or currents). They are usually based on film technology and are filled with e.g. oil, resin or gas. Dry versions are also available. Power capacitors are used, among others, in medium and high voltage technology, power plants and renewable energies such as wind power and solar, as well as in drive technology (railroads). Beckmann Elektronik is one of the few distributors offering this capacitor technology. Beckmann also offers low inductance, as well as encapsulated versions for harsh environmental conditions.

PTC Thermistors

PTC thermistors have comparable applications to NTC thermistors. The temperature behavior of the PTC is opposite compared to the NTC. At low temperature, PTCs have low resistance and at high temperature they have high resistance. Like NTC thermistors, they are used for temperature measurement, temperature protection and overcurrent protection. PTCs are also frequently used as heating elements in modern electronics. 

Beckmann offers you access to a wide portfolio of NTCs and PTCs. In addition to different sheathings such as glass or epoxy resin, we also assemble customized and pre-assembled versions on request. 

Suppression Capacitors (X / Y)

Suppression capacitors (X/Y) are an important tool to reduce/suppress high-frequency interference signals between the mains supply and connected devices and to obtain UL and/or TÜV/VDE approval for corresponding devices.

X and Y capacitors are available both in film technology and as ceramic capacitors. If space saving on the board is an important condition, ceramic capacitors can be used advantageously. The trade-off between required capacitance and space savings is crucial. However, if a higher capacitance is required, film capacitors are the means of choice. Beckmann Elektronik offers both technologies. By discussing the requirements of your application and the desired results, the appropriate solution can be determined.

Surge Arrester

Arresters are established components in the field of surge protection. They are used in similar applications as varistors and are not infrequently used in combination with them. In special designs they are also used, for example, for igniting gases (e.g. stoves). 

Beckmann has the technical and logistical expertise for all variants, from SMD, wired, with 2 or 3 connections to the fail-safe design with additional thermal protection. This enables us to solve the most diverse customer requirements with precision. The flexibility for the development therefore arises at Beckmann in addition to the close customer support through the availability of all common variants.

Tantalum Capacitors

Tantalum capacitors have low ohmic resistance values and high current carrying capacity. They belong to the established capacitor technologies and have proven themselves in many applications. However, technological advances have made polymer capacitors an interesting alternative in some cases, as there is no dependence on tantalum raw material and tantalum capacitors are flammable under certain circumstances.

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors are available in a wide variety of technological and mechanical designs, e.g. with NTC or PTC thermistors as sensor elements, as SMD chips for mounting on circuit boards or as complex sensor elements with encapsulated housings and connecting wires. They are used, for example, in ovens, refrigerators/freezers, or engine compartments and are exposed to very different ambient and environmental conditions. It may be necessary to protect the sensor elements from media such as oil or water and still realize a good thermal connection. For this purpose, the temperature sensor can be encapsulated in glass, metal, or an epoxy. 

Beckmann brings decades of experience in a wide variety of design, application, and environmental requirements to the table and can advise on the right design for your application. 

Transformers & Transformers

Usually, a transformer is used to convert voltages from a supply level to one or more desired levels. The separation of circuits is also possible with transformers. As a core element in voltage/current supplies, transformers are used in the most diverse designs and the most diverse topologies of DC and AC voltage circuits. 

The application areas of our portfolio range from voltage and power supply of buildings, plants, machines and devices to chargers for battery-powered devices such as smartphones, laptops or charging stations for electromobility (e-vehicles, motorcycles, e-bikes...) Last but not least, transformers are also used in the smallest designs on circuit boards, where e.g. different voltage levels are required on one and the same board. 

For the pure unconverted transmission of voltage/energy/signals, the term transformer is often used synonymously. The special feature is that, as a rule, the primary and secondary windings have the same number of turns. 

Every application has its own special requirements. Beckmann Elektronik offers a wide range of standard solutions, but also customized versions tailored to your individual requirements.

TVS Diodes

TVS diodes (Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes) have a much narrower/steeper breakdown range compared to varistors. Due to these properties, TVS diodes are a frequently used interesting alternative or supplement to varistors and gas arresters for surge protection applications. Beckmann Elektronik offers the entire spectrum of structural designs and thus provides everything from a single source.

Flexibility is an advantage, especially for development. Regardless of the design/structure (varistor, gas arrester/TVS diode or combination of technologies), Beckmann supplies all common technologies and combinations.


Varistors are one of the most common products in surge protection technology and belong to the safety-critical components. They are available over a very wide voltage range. Depending on the application, different properties of the varistor are in focus. If particularly small designs are important in one application, varistors in other areas, such as railroad technology, must have a very high load capacity. Beckmann Elektronik covers all industries with the possible designs (SMD, leaded disk varistors, block varistors, or lug designs). Specific designs with screw lug or separately insulated with heat shrink tubing, do not pose a challenge.

A flexible supplier with a large selection of products is an advantage in this area, especially for development. The realization of a surge protection is independent of the design/structure (varistor, gas arrester/TVS diode or combination of technologies) at Beckmann Elektronik, because Beckmann supplies all common technologies and combinations.