Starting in 1956 as Ohan Industry, the company changed its name to Samwha Electric in 1960. During the last half century, Samwha Capacitor Group has been performing its role as the “Seed Company” for the development of the Korean electronics industry and has become a global leading company by establishing on-site production and sales subsidiaries in 11 sites in eight countries. Samwha Capacitor mainly offers multi-layer ceramic capacitors and disc capacitors, inductors, performance capacitors and varistors. Samwah Electric offers aluminum-electrolytic and double-layer capacitors and Samwah Electronics produces ferrites.

Today Samwha is a world leader in the industry with deep knowledge and long-term experience in developing and manufacturing of highly innovative products in ceramic capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, electric double layer capacitors, inductors, varistors, ferrites and many more. With their “Passion for Challenges” and focus on developing specialized technology and eco-friendly business, they adapt to changes in the global market.






✓  Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
✓  Ceramic Capacitors
✓  DC Link Capacitors
✓  Electric Double-Layer Capacitors
✓  Ferrite Chip Beads
✓  Inductors / Chokes & Coils
✓  Polymer Capacitors
✓  Polymer Hybrid Capacitors
✓  Power Capacitors
✓  Varistors