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Berlin to make solar energy mandatory on new buildings starting in 2023

Solar energy accounts for some eight percent of Germany’s power supply, and that share of the electric grid is about to get a surge.

Berlin is making solar installations mandatory for new buildings, and for existing buildings that undergo roof renovations. The measure, to kick-off starting on January 1, 2023, is part of the country’s efforts to cover 25% of its electricity needs with solar energy by 2050 and reduce fossil fuel-power which generates large amount of greenhouse emissions.

To help in this endeavor, Germany’s capital is subsidizing private homes, companies, and non-profit organizations with up to €15,300 for the installation of solar power batteries.

The law approved for Berlin, the subsidies for solar power batteries, as well as rapid technological advances in energy, is expected to push the growth of the global high voltage capacitor market. That sector is estimated to reach $3.3 billion by 2025.

As solar energy expands in Germany, across Europe and the United States –where the recent big freeze in Texas is turning many to opt for power alternatives to avoid future crisis— there is a higher need for capacitors used in PV inverters to convert the DC power produced by solar cells into AC power that can be used in the electricity grid. There will also be higher demand for resistors, inductors, sensors and any other electronic components in those solar energy systems.

A dependable company

A dependable grid needs dependable electronics and a company can provide the latest products and deliver them on-time.

Beckmann Elektronik is a business that cares not only about the products but especially about the people who use those components.

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We are a one-stop shop in the field of passive electronic components and make thousands of products available together with our contract manufacturers. The breadth and depth of our expertise with passive components ensures you will find what you’re looking for without having to visit and place orders at multiple distributors.

We’re also a state-of-the-art logistics company ensuring you get your orders on time any time. We understand time is money and you have no time to waste. When production schedules are at stake, you can rely on us to treat your orders with the utmost importance and urgency. We have an integrated supply chain with our customers and suppliers—a seamless conductor, if you will—an extension of their operations. This has allowed us to develop trusting, stable business relationships with many of our customers that go back decades.

Changing with times

The only sure thing with electronics and markets is that they keep changing. And we keep changing with them, updating our training before and whenever new products come into the market or new developments are released. We pride ourselves on our product know-how because that’s the best service we can offer our clients.

This gives us the ability to find or customize the right product solutions for your particular needs. Whether you need aluminum electrolytic or film capacitors, MLCCs, polymer-capacitors, hybrids, inductors, varistors, sensors, or other passive components our broad selection of products meet the needs of a full range of end-market segments. Also, our staff can find appropriate alternatives from our extensive technical data library if you require them.

Our skilled employees have a passion for passive electronics and are always ready to provide qualified advice anytime you need it. This knowledgeable staff has turned us not just into a distributor, but into technical consultants.

The attention to detail and dedicated team ready to assist you has earned us a number of distributor awards. And our prizes have turned us into a recognized source of electronic procurement services and products without sacrificing quality technology or on-time delivery.

Collaboration is something we stress within our company and with our customers, and that translates into unique solutions where our comprehensive technical support means you get an extra partner to advance your project from concept to fruition. We want to help because your success is our satisfaction.

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Just as in the sports world, in the electronics industry, each part is equally vital to the overall operation and performance of the whole. If one breaks, the entire chain suffers. Our employees will make sure you get the most dependable parts and the up-to-date technical information about them. Each order is given the outmost attention and professional care because that is our standard of service.

It’s the way we’ve done business since we started and that’s not going to change. 

We won’t be satisfied until you’re satisfied.