Passive electronics in an active age; creating the bridge between today and the  future. 


Highly adaptable logistics and distribution center to fit any need, and the training to bring everyone up to speed. 


Beckmann Elektronik puts people first, allowing us to adapt to industry needs before they arise.


Together, we create the futures of the industry as they happen.


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Electronic Components
— Your specialist for passive electronic components

We supply our suppliers with trust actively. Connections and relationships are an ongoing process. We devote a considerable time to building up trust and knowledge to the benefit of our customers

Our suppliers include some of the world’s leading businesses in the development and manufacture of passive electronic components. We regard it as a privilege to be their long-term business partner and to be entrusted with the distribution of their products.

While our specialty is passive components, our main offering is trust.

We create a knowledge base you can count on to bring your application to life.

Together with our manufacturers, we work with each of our customers to build similar lasting relationships – and it all starts with trust.

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Ceramic Capacitors
DC Link Capacitors
Electric Double-Layer Capacitors
EMI Suppression Capacitors (X and Y)
Film Capacitors
Metallized-Paper Capacitors
Polymer Capacitors
Polymer Hybrid Capacitors
Power Capacitors
Tantalum Capacitors

Current-Compensated Chokes
Data Line Chokes
Ferrite Chip Beads
Ferrites & Accessories
Inductors / Chokes & Coils
PFC Chokes
Wireless Charging Coils

NTC Thermistors
PTC Thermistors
Surge Arresters
Temperature Sensors
TVS Diodes

Beckmann Elektronik


It is all about people

Every business is a people business. We believe that building a shared foundation of trust and knowledge helps bring out the best in all of us. We identify strengths and possible gaps in knowledge for each of our clients – helping us identify and deliver exactly to their needs.



Supply chain and more

For many, the supply chain is simply steps it takes before your product can engage with a customer. At Beckmann, it is more than this. Similar to how we engage with our clients, the ideal supply chain is intuitive to the customer, delivering on their needs as they arise.



Using expertise to your benefit

The ideal solutions require experts from all fields, working together. At Beckmann, every specialist helps brainstorm our decisions. From purchasing to engineers and every step in between, our united expertise helps create and present these solutions to the customer.



Being part of your business

Presenting our thoughts and solution and thinking together with our customer we finalise the decision and agree to move forward with the deep understanding that we at Beckmann are an integrative part of our customer supply chain and therefore market success.



Serving our customer continuously

At Beckmann, our service is a never-ending process. Our close relationships with our clients and deep knowledge of their project help us adapt to new variables as they come up. We are proactive in our involvement, and will contact and work with our clients to determine the best response to each situation.



Value at every step

We strive to add value to every interaction we have with or clients. To help expand their own understanding, we offer in-house workshops for client engineers, addressing their challenge and giving them the working knowledge of the solutions available.
Our deep relationship with manufacturers allows us to generate solutions for even the most specific applications. Together, we can explore unique, cost effective solutions, tailored to your specific needs.

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What have we

We are proud of what we have achieved over time, because it tells us that we have met the expectations of our customers and manufactures. Organic growth is key to us and we never let ourselves being misled by quantity. Our USP has been our DNA to serve the specific value and benefit each of our customers define when talking to us.

Engineering experience combined with the performance of a specialist in passive distribution is our solid foundation for further growth.


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Combined years of experience with passive components


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We’re pushing the boundaries: Beckmann Distribution offers a seamless component supply experience